- “Japanese hospitality” seminar -

by hospitality master Mrs.Yuko Hospitaliry seminar by a unique lecturer who has the history of former Japan Airlines Flight Attendant and has acquired the national qualifications of Bonesetter/Judo therapy, Acupuncture and massage.


Title OMOTENASHI “Japanese hospitality” seminar
Date and time From 10am to 3pm the first Monday and the third Sunday of every month
Contents The program that you can learn about “Omotenashi” and “medical service” from the basics of service
Place Ebisu Hiro Acupuncture Osteopathic clinic 3F
The sponcor Japan Beauty Acupuncture Oriental therapy Association Marute
Entry fee ¥40,000 “Including runch box”


  • What is “Omotenashi”
  • What is “Comunication”
    • First impression
    • Expression
    • Greeting
    • Movements
    • Communication skills and attentiveness
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Role plaing
  • Issue Certificate of Completion

Description about the seminar

  • Medical hospitarity


  • Basic hospitality

The purpose for patients to visit the clinic is to have treatment.
What do you think is important about that?

It is a treatment technique and hospitality skills.

I think that the treatment skills are studied every day,but Are you making any effort to improve your hospitality skills?
Do you understand why hospitality skills are important?

If you have hospitality skills to treat patients, you will be able to make patients be relaxed and have a smooth conversation with patients, and you will be able to easy to treat, and counseling. Then, the treatment effect goes up.

If your hospitality skills are very high, you can communicate deeply with the patients and have a mental interaction. In other words, hospitality is the key to relieving patients’ anxiety and tension.

The hospitality skill is a human ability itself.

If you can deal with hospitality with warm kindness of human ability, the clinic will be familiar to patients and will be easier to visit.

The important thing in learning medical hospitality is that there are some differences from general hospitality.

Get knowledge from hospitality, and if conscious their individuality and own special ability, then it will be to very interesting hospitality skills.

By the hospitality skill, Patients repeats so that it is attracted to the clinic, and Patients want to be able to meet such a clinic.

When you have to do leadership positions and resolute attitudes, Let’s improve the healing power of patients by firmly acquiring the necessary medical hospitality skills.

I have created a curriculum so that we can be self confident, create an environment, and use it for treatment.

Looking forward to seeing you at the seminar.


Hiro Acupuncture Osteopathic clinic :
Yuko Kamiishi

The person of unique who has the history of former Japan Airlines Flight Attendant and has Acquired acquired the national qualifications of Bonesetter/Judo therapy, Acupuncture, and massage for six years.

During her tenure, after she worked as a training instructor engaged in management of the education of the cabin crew as a flight attendant manager.
Mainly take charge of first-class, and also in nearly 30 years experience as a flight attendant, and she has a lot of experience on a government-only special flight.

The warm and humorous service, which is full of personality in the midst of sophistication, was adored with familiarity and surprise from colleagues that no one could imitate it. Its heartfelt service mind is a legendary flight attendant who has been described as a walking customer satisfaction.

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