About us

The history of the Clinic of Ebisu Hiro is professional acupuncture moxibustion bonesetting place .
It is for 30 years already.
We provide full-scale treatment from the condition of the body of all of you.

Ebisu Hiro is the treatment Clinic House which captured by Chiropracter Hiroyuki Kamiishi as sponsors.

He is a person of the existence of the pioneer who he begins it in Japan and joins beauty acupuncture moxibustion and ancient massage in Thailand, and brought about an effective therapeutic method.
also, it is an expert in all by treatment, Chinese medicine, personal training.

I am comprised of the excellent staff and work hard at the effective treatment that the result is given every day.


We put massage, acupuncture moxibustion, ancient massage in Thailand, oil massage, chiropractic, personal training together by a symptom and provide the effective treatment that matched each one.

In addition, We perform the Chinese medicine prescription and exercise instruction from the start, and the treatment faces the treatment from the wide domain.

Beauty Acupuncture Moxibustion

The beauty acupuncture moxibustion has the results that Hiro is splendid.
The beauty acupuncture moxibustion is the splendid treatment that many models, an actress, a Hollywood star perform.
I give the treatment of such people in Hiro.

There are the lifting up of the face, the care for wrinkle, the small face effect, too.

Hiro’s Method

In Hiro, I give lymph massage, the facial acupuncture that I massaged more.
We give a gypsum pack, the electrical stimulation treatment,as well.
Those are things which draw out the healing power of nature.
They are also effective for enhancing natural healing ability by stimulating new skin while removing old skin.

We have you introduce patient from the results and trust treated for a long time from many hotels.
Please come to the treatment .


Recommended course

60 minutes course 8,000 yen
Massage, acupuncture moxibustion, stretch, chiropractic
90 minutes course 11,000 yen
Massage, acupuncture moxibustion, stretch, oil massage, chiropractic
120 minutes course 14,000 yen
Massage, acupuncture moxibustion, stretch, oil massage, chiropractic
other course 30 minutes course 5,000 yen
45 minutes course 7,000 yen

Beauty acupuncture moxibustion course

60 minutes 12,000 yen
Facial massage
Beauty acupuncture moxibustion
90 minutes 16,000 yen
Facial massage
Beauty acupuncture moxibustion
Whole body massageBeauty(30 minutes)
120 minutes 20,000 yen
Facial massage
Beauty acupuncture moxibustion
Whole body massageBeauty(60 minutes)

Ancient massage in Thailand

60 minutes 8,000 yen
90 minutes 11,000 yen
120 minutes 14,000 yen


First visit fee 1,000 yen We have ¥1,000 as the fee charged for a patient’s first visit for all treatment.